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Module vassal pour puppet wars
« le: 30 juin 2013 à 15:41:51 »
Bonjour à tous,

Il y a un gars sur le forum américain qui vient de créer une carte pour puppet wars afin de pouvoir y jouer via le module de malifaux ( du coup on ne peut y jouer qu'à deux).


In theory the basic board should stay where it is (in case you're interested, it's made of Gremlin huts, you can move them by holding shift and left clicking, to select them), but you can move all of the markers to make the other maps (just right click and clone/delete if you need more/less of them). Then the puppets are all in the models section.

For the non-malifauxers. Generally puppets with:
Rams = guild
Crows = Ressurectionists
Masks = Neverborn
Tomes = Arcanists
No suit = outcasts

Though hooded rider is in Neverborn, and Misaki might still be in outcasts, but will definitely be in Ten thunders.

Owned work benches are the 50mm "generic" guild/resser(/outcast) model

Neutral work benches are... some kind of marker, I don't remember (just clone/delete as applicable).

terrain is "fire" markers (from the marker section)... largely so that they're easy to see.

If you have improvements to make, feel free to make them, and then post the updated map here. If this gets buried and never used again... fair enough, I enjoyed my curry anyway.